So this was the first all grain recipe I made using my new boil kettle, mashing bag and homemade wort-chiller.  Initial thoughts were that it was tainted in some way, but after a few weeks in the bottle the consensus appears to be that this is actually quite good, but a little on the weak side at 4%. I was having a bit […]

Drain Disaster

Do commercial breweries suffer the problem of backfilling drains and floods? We had a downpour last night and the cellar suffered from an overflowing drain and flooded the floor. I spent about an hour with my other half sluicing and mopping the floor with bleach and hot water to clean it up. We’ve not had a problem like that for about […]

A new blog about homebrewing beer

Well, there has to be a start somewhere… As every homebrew recipe starts with a style decision, so does this blog. I want this to be a record of where I started on my brewing journey and will probably be quite rough to start with. Mostly like my beer at the moment. Mostly it will be thoughts scribbled down as […]