A new blog about homebrewing beer

Well, there has to be a start somewhere…

As every homebrew recipe starts with a style decision, so does this blog. I want this to be a record of where I started on my brewing journey and will probably be quite rough to start with. Mostly like my beer at the moment. Mostly it will be thoughts scribbled down as I wait for the mash to finish, or whilst continually checking on the airlock bubbling.

I started home brewing about 3 years ago with the birth of my daughter and started with kits (St Peter’s Ruby Ale) and then dabbled a little with extract with adjuncts. These first attempts were ok, but until I got the balance right with how I could fit this hobby in around being a parent for the first time – there was quite a pause until only a few weeks ago when I purchased a St Austell’s Proper Job extract kit from BrewUK. It got me hooked again into home brewing and led then to a few small all grain batches after that (German Wheat Beer styles) which have met with some success.

My kit is slowly expanding as I go along as and when funds permit. I am therefore starting to eye up various bits of kit.

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