Brewery offline

Well, we’ve had another cellar flood, but this time it was bad. Really bad. Six inches deep of bad. The kind of bad where you don’t know what to do but stand in it in your wellies helping the Water Board help clean it up to stop the smell kind of bad. 

Suffice to say this was not a good month. This was a sewer water flood of epic proportions. Things have been damaged, we have the insurance sorting things out and a skip is arriving tomorrow to take things away before they disinfect the cellar. Again. There has, it is fair to say, not been much time to brew, and even if I did I have nowhere to put it to ferment. 

The brewing equipment is all fine but this has been a really horrible thing to happen.

On the bright side, a Munich Helles that I had brewed before the disaster turned out really well. A bit sweet I think (FG was a little high – longer ferment next time to get full attenuation) but tastes really good. I put it in a small keg in the fridge but in hindsight will probably bottle next time to get the right amount of carbonation.

I’m planning a saison next. Whenever that can or will be.

So the question this blog post is: 

Where would you brew if you had a mini disaster in your home brewery?

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