Saison Tasting Notes

After a week carbonating in the bottle and cooled in the fridge before serving, the Saison is ready!


Good colour and aroma. Very dry finish and a good head, but this doesn’t last too long. It needs quite an aggressive pour to get that head, so there is likely to be more yet to get out of carbonation. 

It tastes like a good Belgian should, slightly spicy but with a rich malt flavour. Not bitter or overly hoppy either. 

No discernible honey flavour though which is a bit of a disappointment. The recipe could have stood for more honey to bring that flavour out, but this would have meant a higher ABV unless I had lengthened the batch size. Something to experiment with next time?

Not much in the way of “barnyard” or “horse blanket” like flavours. But there is a certain rustic quality which is pleasing. A pleasant one to drink- not challenging although strong at 7.5 ish %

All in all, This one is just right.