In A Brewing Rut

I’ve not brewed any All Grain beers for a while, hence the lack of any posts to the blog. There was an extract kit I did a while back that I dry hopped and put in the plastic barrel, but nothing that has particularly warranted an update here.

I have half a mind to try and do a “quick” All Grain Pale Ale or similar to speed up the late night brewing sessions. Although I gave enjoyed the German lager and the saison I did, the hour and a half mash and boil times are a real pain when you start at 7:00 at night!

I think an hour long Maris Otter mash and one hour boil may be the way to go for the next brew session. The advantage being that with no lager malt – I wouldn’t need to boil for a long time to drive off DMS from the beer (Dimethyl Sulphide – which is supposed to cause a cooked corn or vegetal off flavour in the beer is more likely to form in a lager malt wort than in others).

I’ve quite fancied the idea of a SMASH beer (Single Malt And Single Hop) so this may be the way forward out of this brewing rut.

Is there anything that you do to ring the changes to get back brewing again or change your process for the better?