Growing Hops

Harvesting Hops 

It’s nearly harvest time and the hop cones are getting papery and yellow with lupulin.

I’m really chuffed with how well the Hallertauer has grown for its first year. I’ll definitely have enough for a brew day (either green hopped or I may try to dry some).

I’ve tried 10 cones in a hop tea leaving them steep for an hour or so and they had a pleasant bitterness. They had a grassy edge to them but that might be their “green” edge coming through. I’d be interested to see if they had any more “spicy” flavour if dried.

I have an idea in mind for drying, but I need a few days of dry, sunny weather to dry them out again before harvesting as we’ve had a spell of wet weather.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with how well they’ve grown particularly for year 1. I think they will need some better supports for the coir like a telegraph pole set up to give them some space. The horizontal growth has been a success and as long as I trained any stragglers they had no problem with not growing up. One to think about it you may struggle putting up a 20 foot pole!

If I decide to dry them I’ll post my attempts and what the results are.

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