It is getting more difficult to provide content for free with site hosting costs and the cost of associated blog management software in 2020 – and I would otherwise be looking to close my blogging site down unless I can recoup some of those costs through raising funds via donations or allowing advertisements on this site.

I will shortly be looking at introducing advertisement links that ‘should’ be tastefully displayed through my posts as a means of generating some income to cover the cost of providing my content and if this if one way that you would consider helping this site out, you can click one of the adverts which should provide a source of revenue for the site.

Alternatively, if you do find any of the content posted here to be of use, or interest on a more regular basis – then you can make a small donation via the “Donate Button” which will allow you to make a small payment via PayPal – which will also provide a much needed revenue stream for the site.

Thank you for reading and visiting Cellar Homebrewing and thank you for any contributions you can make to keeping it running.