Historic Brewing Literature #1

There have been many advances in brewing over the years but after watching a few YouTube videos on primary sources for historic beer brewing recipes, I thought it might be interesting to see if there was any information in historic brewing sources that still held true, or any practices that were now no longer good practice. So (fade to sepia […]

Honey Saison Recpie

This has turned out to be a pleasant batch. Worthwhile posting the recipe if anyone were interested in having a go at a Saison, but not having done one before (process sheet and calculations courtesy of BeerSmith) based on my own tinkered recipe for a Belgian Saison from a number of sources (Brewing Classic Styles getting a particular mention):   Recipe: Honey […]

Honey, I’m brewing a Saison…

It’s been a while but this brew evening felt a bit special. It was definitely long overdue. I’ve wanted to brew a Saison for a while and I had some odds and ends of some grain that I could use up. So this was the perfect opportunity to cycle through my stock – and stay true to the origins of […]

Brewery offline

Well, we’ve had another cellar flood, but this time it was bad. Really bad. Six inches deep of bad. The kind of bad where you don’t know what to do but stand in it in your wellies helping the Water Board help clean it up to stop the smell kind of bad.  Suffice to say this was not a good […]


So this was the first all grain recipe I made using my new boil kettle, mashing bag and homemade wort-chiller.  Initial thoughts were that it was tainted in some way, but after a few weeks in the bottle the consensus appears to be that this is actually quite good, but a little on the weak side at 4%. I was having a bit […]

Drain Disaster

Do commercial breweries suffer the problem of backfilling drains and floods? We had a downpour last night and the cellar suffered from an overflowing drain and flooded the floor. I spent about an hour with my other half sluicing and mopping the floor with bleach and hot water to clean it up. We’ve not had a problem like that for about […]

A new blog about homebrewing beer

Well, there has to be a start somewhere… As every homebrew recipe starts with a style decision, so does this blog. I want this to be a record of where I started on my brewing journey and will probably be quite rough to start with. Mostly like my beer at the moment. Mostly it will be thoughts scribbled down as […]