The story so far…

Well, my interest in home brewing has developed over the few years I’ve been doing it. I’ve invested in quite a lot more kit and moved on from the stovetop brew in the bag method to a 3 vessel system (Hot Liquor Tank; Mash Tun and Boiler) over time adding each new piece of kit as I went along. A lot of the kit is still used though or repurposed and it still comes in handy.

I still attend meetings with the local home-brewing group in Chorlton and I am a founding member of the Manchester Hop Project which puts home grown hops towards a community brewed beer.

The beer community is growing from strength to strength in Manchester and the surrounding area and there are plenty of events to cover and people to meet.

I’ve also concentrated the blog on writing about my personal recipes, interesting methods/processes and growing hops. There is plenty of information out there on much better researched websites than mine: but I hope that my take opens up how accessible home brewing can be and that there is a beer style, ingredient or process that I’ve covered which might encourage you to take a deeper look elsewhere.